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messages like this really make my day, especially since i havent been the best blogger lately with school and everything.


Your name will echo throughout history.


here’s a draw because i can’t stop thinking about what it must have done to tonraq to have his lil baby HIS PRIDE AND JOY almost stolen away from him by some psycho criminals. so this is after that happened and tonraq realizes he’s not going to be able to keep her close for very long so he has to hold her every chance he gets. yes i’m a wreck goodbye.

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I learned to play from my dad, the diabolical genius. I’ll destroy you.

the ultimatum
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au where Mako and Korra work as youth counselors at a outdoorsy summer camp and they at first Do Not Get Along (obviously) but the at-risk boy with the undercut in Mako’s cabin and the bookish politician’s daughter in Korra’s cabin are maybe getting along too well. there’s lots of hypercompetitive sporting events (Korra’s teams alway win, with zero exceptions), after-hours counselor drinking shenanigans (Mako loses a bet and has to jump in the lake), Korra scaring the piss out of Mako during the midnight astronomy hike (HOW DO YOU EVEN MAKE THAT BEAR SOUND) and Kai and Jinora getting lost on a hike, so naturally (duh!) Mako and Korra must put aside their sexually tense bickering to rescue their young charges, who somehow end up rescuing them instead. Jinora makes Mako a friendship bracelet. he wears it.

Day 3: Fear