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s02e05 - Peacekeepers

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It’s been close to a year since I made one of these, so it’s definitely time to update with changed urls and new blogs. Thank you SO MUCH to all my followers! This fandom is a roller coaster to be a part of but you guys make running this blog worth it.


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"Yeah, but that's... in the future. Ugh, I hate the future!"

Gif Request: Bolin for unbendable

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Well, you can’t be afraid to mix it up sometimes.


Grandpa Zuko and General Iroh II sitting down for their usual tea together.

Turns out Iroh II is just as smooth as his grandpa was back in the day.


Avatar Parallels: face-to-face with crazy

Have some awkward sexual tension before I hiatus myself ;)


gotdamnitsdeana replied to your post: FUCK THIS SHOW GOD WHY

lok feels

that episode was painful

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